1.All entrants MUST be sponsored by a WFPS Member or Retiree at time of the registration.

(Derby Executive reserves the right to refuse any registration it deems unacceptable)

2.All entrants MUST comply with the Manitoba 2019 Angling Regulations
3.All fish entered MUST be released.
4.Eligible Prize Fish *Walleye – by draw (*B), Perch and Northern by weight.
5.Entrants are allowed one cash prize. You may have your name on the board in multiple species until 12:00 Noon May 21st at which time you must declare your category. If a name is withdrawn from a category, the next name moves up.
6.Fishing is restricted to Big Whiteshell Lake and accessible waterways by boat. Check #9
7.Door prizes MUST be claimed at time of draw, or it will be redrawn.
8.Officials decision is final NO re-weighting.
9.PLEASE NOTE: Transporting live fish via over land roads is against Manitoba Fishing Regulations. Hence these fish will be disqualified with NO EXCEPTIONS.

B.Special Rules for Walleye Category Only:

Manitoba Fishing Regulations prohibit the weighing of large fish (slot limit). Therefore the walleye category is a “luck of the draw” event.

1.Upon catching 6 walleye less than 45 cm the entrant (with your registration #) will draw a number at the check-in station.
2.Numbers and names will be posted in the walleye category, with the highest number on top.
3. NO FISH OVER 45 CM ARE ALLOWED as per Manitoba Fishing Regulations.

Weigh In:

Day 1-May 22nd 2019 07:00 to 20:00 hrs.
Day 2-May 23rd 2019 07:00 to 12:00 hrs. (Noon sharp) with Awards to follow

Prizes: Walleye (open to all)
Cash prizes-Top 10 (Trophy 1st place)

Northern (open to all)
Cash prizes-Top 10 (Trophy 1st place)

Northern (retired WFPS)
1st Cash and Trophy (only)

Northern (Junior Angler)
1st cash and Trophy (only)

Perch (Active WFPS Inter-hall)
1st Cash and Trophy, 2nd Cash (only)

Northern (Game and Fish Members*)
1st Cash and Trophy (only)

(*Must be a current member at time of registration)


The Committee thanks all of you for your support of the Burn Fund / MDA Fun Derby

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Email: wffgameandfish@gmail.com